Catherine D’Lish has earned a reputation as a contemporary “striptease virtuoso” with her unusually inventive shows performed in an elegant and whimsical style. Catherine is easily the most influential stripping entertainer performing today. She has headlined in varied venues from Las Vegas casinos, nightclubs around the world and fetish events to the top gentlemen’s clubs and “mainstream” theaters; was a headlining performer for Playboy’s 50th Anniversary Tour, and starred in “Burlesque Fest”, the first national tour of its kind. Catherine has competed in and won nearly every pageant and title available to striptease performers, holding over thirty titles such as Miss Nude USA, World’s Performer of the Year, Miss Erotic World, Showgirl of the Year, Miss Exotic America, Miss Nude International, USA’s Best Shows, Miss Exotic World, and is a member of the Burlesque Hall of Fame.

Catherine is renowned for her extravagant costumes and elaborate props. Recognized as the premier fan dancer today, her most popular shows are classic striptease- complete with a giant champagne glass bubble bath finale.

Catherine has also built a reputation as the best burlesque costume designer and creative director in the business. She has created dazzling costumes that are ornately hand-jeweled and feathered, with laborious attention to detail not commonly seen today. Catherine is well-known for her work as creative director/costumer/choreographer for Dita Von Teese. The shows and costumes she has created have earned international recognition and acclaim. Each of her dazzling ensembles is paired with an equally lavish prop. Catherine has one of the most extreme collections of enormous props in the business, including a larger-than-life champagne glass, grand gilded birdcage, giant spider web, and a magnificent eight-foot tall waterfall complete with fountains and flowers.

In addition to traveling and performing, Catherine fills her time by teaching workshops and also coaching established performers privately. She has recently launched a retail feather design business with Fabulous Feathers, based out of Los Angeles.

In The Press

Catherine D’Lish… probably the closest you’ll get to the real thing.

 -Bizarre Magazine

…Catherine D’Lish, considered the founder of the neo-burlesque movement, does more of a classic striptease. She has incredibly elaborate costumes and props. She’s just very much a beautiful naked woman, and that’s kind of her bit.

-The Idaho Statesman

Catherine D’Lish, one of the last true burlesque performers…

- Leg Tease Magazine

…New Burlesque is exemplified by Catherine D’Lish…


Catherine D’Lish has had one of the most impressive careers in the show-it-all business. She also pioneered a throwback-style of performance that spawned a new burlesque movement.   Wherever she stands, her powerful stage presence and breathtaking set and costume design (think acres of rhinestones, enough feathers to make a Mardi Gras Indian jealous and a fully operational waterfall) are unparalleled in the world of exotic dance. Her show may not be your grandma’s burlesque, but it’s not your roommate’s burlesque, either.

-New Orleans Gambit

Catherine D’Lish, a veteran burlesque performer and one of the genre’s biggest headliners act, however, is arguably not tame even by today’s standards.

-Vodka Magazine

Catherine D’Lish often stole the show…She dons (and doffs) vintage lingerie, and in her last Denver appearance, she swam seductively in a giant martini glass and spun her barley-clad self silly on a perch in an enormous birdcage.

-The Denver Onion

And anyone who has the pleasure of getting a closer look at the costumes will attest to their incredible detail. Onstage, the tons of glitter, mirrors, sequins and rhinestones that coat every surface of the costumes and props create a look of complete fantasy. …Catherine D’Lish embodies the sensual movements of the old burlesque stars. She moves slowly, but never stops moving, drawing the audience in to her dance. …and she becomes the spider. After stripping most of her clothes off, she climbs the web and strikes a numbers of athletic and nearly contortionist poses, moving slowly and very arachnid-like around the web.

-“Burlesque And The New Bump-N-Grind”

Catherine D’Lish’s giant web routine was a particular highlight, as she showed off the kind of flexibility that made men weak, and women envious.

-UK Daily Mail

The last performer was Catherine D’Lish, a woman who oozes glamour and sex appeal. This member of the Burlesque Hall of Fame donned a costume as a radiant peacock for a few moments, and then danced with some of the world’s largest feather fans. She gave an outstanding performance to close out the opening night.

-Offbeat Magazine

Ms. D’Lish is highly regarded for her saucy striptease in gigantic props- pro outfits like this one don’t come through town too often, so get yer tickets now, and watch those tassels swing, swing, swing!

-Portland Mercury

Finally, a giant champagne glass is carried in and filled with bubbly. The cast slides out of the spotlight, and the evening’s grand dame, burlesque legend Catherine D’lish, struts in to the tune of “Hey Big Spender.” A porcelain-skinned goddess in an ermine coat, D’lish begins to peel off her clothing, one silky, sequined piece at a time. A man tipsily approaches the stage with a bill in his hand; Paco Fish, taking the man for a club regular, pulls him back and tells him to drop the tip onstage, so he doesn’t disrupt the routine. But D’lish, who got her start as a teenager in seedy strip clubs in San Diego, knows exactly what to do. She has the man slip the bill under her garter belt, then remove one of her elbow-length white gloves with his teeth. Then she sends him back to his seat.


D’lish finishes the evening by climbing into the glass of bubbly and sponging off her not-quite-naked body. It must be the sexiest thing this club has seen in a long time. Even the Honeys are wowed.

-Urbanite Magazine

Bawdy burlesque is making a welcome return…determined to bring the arse-shaking art form back to its former glory… Catherine was so hot she set off the theaters sprinklers…

People Magazine (Australia)

Something about seeing the saucy redheaded Catherine D’Lish spin around in a giant champagne glass. It’s the only time that I’ve felt hubba-hubba was an appropriate answer to a question.

-Gordy Reviews

…glamorous redhead Catherine D’Lish…at the top of the Friday night bill, and for good reason…seems to love every second of the act- wherein lies true professionalism.

Jack Magazine

…Catherine D’Lish has a wonderful persona. Although she’s drop dead sexy and performs a striptease like she invented the damn thing, there’s nothing indecorous about her. Catherine D’Lish is the kind of stripper you can bring home to Mom-or better yet, to Dad. Her success is a testament to the fact that strippers don’t have to forfeit their dignity to captivate an audience. In fact, D’Lish cites “good taste and femininity” as the hallmarks of the New Burlesque Movement. As Tom Jones would say: “She’s a lady, whoa-whoa-whoa, she’s a lady”.  Upon viewing D’Lish’s stunningly beautiful stage act and pulling ones jaw up from the floor, it is hard not to care, and CARE DEEPLY, about the future of burlesque. And I don’t just mean men. Interestingly, D’Lish boasts a substantial collection of panties that were thrown onto her stage by, you guessed it- female fans. Intrigued? Damn right you are! So, come see what the all fuss is about, why don’tcha. (And bring an extra pair of panties, just in case.)…

  -Private Dancer Magazine

Catherine D’Lish did the most truly sensuous act, slinking from a curvy red velvet couch to a giant champagne glass where she made the most of the bubbles.


Yes, burlesque is back in all its feathered and fringed glory…. New burlesque queen Catherine D’Lish, who does a faithful re-creation of Sally Rand’s famous fan dance…. in a generous nod to history Miss D’Lish conjures images of yore with routines that include an adult-size champagne glass, a gilded birdcage and a costume made of peacock feathers.

  -The Washington Times

(Devotchka) found a local following. So did headliner Ms. D’Lish, who heroically swung in a gilded birdcage and splayed across a spider web in pursuit of her art. Air quote marks aside, she is one gorgeous redhead.

-The Dallas Morning News

…Picture a giant four-foot-tall martini glass on stage, as a beautiful woman named Catherine D’Lish performs a graceful dance with two large feather fans. She slowly removes her dress, her stockings, and steps up into the martini glass and sensually bathes herself in this exotic bath. Near the song’s end, Ms. D’Lish reclines back, lifts her legs together, and spins herself around as Sam Butera’s saxophone reaches it’s climatic wailing. If one was ever looking for a moment that could symbolize that peak moment in Vegas history- where sex, liquor, and music came together in a brief moment of pop cultural glamour- one would be hard pressed to choose a moment more appropriate than this one.

-Cool and Strange Music Magazine

By the end of her set, Catherine D’Lish made everyone feel like this bottle of champagne, drained and wet!

 -Degenerate Press

…but like everyone else in the room- I was holding out to take a gander at the headliner, Catherine D’Lish. Time flew by, and I hadn’t long to wait before Miss D’Lish claimed the stage and performed a remarkable dance on a giant spider web. It was fascinating to watch this tiny woman of impressive proportions nimbly pick her way around a web in a sparkling g-string. She finished off the evening with her famous champagne/bubble bath striptease. I had heard of this and had even seen photos, but I was not prepared for how sexy and gape-worthy it would be in person. Entering the stage in a drop-dead costume that she slowly and skillfully removed with the help of a gentleman wearing a tuxedo (whom I astutely suspect was planted there) she held the attention of everyone in the place. Once she was down to her glittery skivvies she then shook a bottle of bubbly, and poured it down her body while the fellow caught a wineglass full from between her legs. All around me people went nuts. Everyone had these silly smiles on their faces as they applauded and whistled. It was great. With a practiced leap, Miss D’Lish dove into a giant champagne glass and began frolicking and bathing in bubbles. It was a killer way to end the evening.

-Other Press- Vancouver

Two-time Miss Exotic World—not for nothin’—Catherine D’lish wore a stunning dress slit up above the thigh high line, and… well, my notes fall apart here.  The thing about Catherine is that it’s EVERYTHING about the way she moves.  She lets a curl of her hair fall and it’s electrifying.  A hand sweep behind her head—I’m putty.  She has the specificity of a Balinese Legong dancer—eye rolls and everything.

-Cultural Capital